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Consumer Electronics


The Kent Group Associates, Inc. (KGA) provides supply chain auditing & inspections to industries like consumer electronics providing quality control & assurance inspections inclusive supplier data cleansing services with the least amount of disruption to a clients’ operations. This case study describes an inspection and audit program within the Consumer Electronics industry.


The client organization KGA worked with for this project is one of the top electronic companies in the world. The corporation outsourced all their service centers in the U.S. and needed consumer electronics repair and mobile compliance assessments done. They wanted KGA to assess their U.S. based service centers who service their consumer products around the United States. The other project that KGA had with this Consumer Electronics giant was for their mobile electronics brand. They wanted to make sure that the service center stores that were fixing their warranty phones communicate status updates in the right way, also comply on how they were fixing their phones under warranty and also they wanted to see that their marketing products that they had for the brand in those stories were correctly positioned.

The client also wanted KGA to inspect and audit on the service centers on how compliant they are in their operations in terms of processing parts delivery, overall keeping track of parts and how they were presenting the entire brand making sure that the supplies were using the company’s operating system correctly and also that they keep all at their service center clean and organized.

The organization had other two main significant challenges for this project:  Very strong data cleansing was required before the nationwide inspection campaign could be executed. They wanted to know  status update on how many appliances their service centers were fixing while also making sure that the service centers were compliant to the way they wanted them to deal with parts repairs and returns and overall how they kept the service centers clean.

The other challenge the client organization had was that they did not had a nationwide network of inspectors and also the operational staff bandwidth to provide and process inspections in a range of 5000 inspections within a short period of a half year time frame to inspect all their U.S. based service centers inclusive outcome analysis and reporting.


Because of the challenge that these service centers changed their contact information very quickly, which created internal issues for the client organization, KGA at its headquarters in Fairfield, New Jersey immediately assigned an inhouse client project team which conducted an 100% effective nationwide IT data cleansing campaign for all of the clients’ actual U.S. service center locations.

Secondly, to overcome the inspector shortage, the KGA project team mobilized the entire nationwide available KGA inspector staff on hand to conduct the inspections at all U.S. service center locations on time for this client project.

What the client really liked, was that KGA was able to quickly provide a complete nationwide network of inspectors and auditors which also immediately started to inspect and audit the services centers all over the country making sure to observe how many appliances the suppliers were servicing and that these mobile stores were fixing the electronics companies phones correctly.

As part of the data cleansing process improvement, KGA has created a sustainable technology management portal for the client organization which started to initiate improved supplier process flows for the long haul, enabling the client organization to keep control on how they were collecting their supplier data over the time, while providing a roadmap for controlled operations on how they can support their service centers to continuously improve their operational processes. This capability enhancement has been received as great sustainable value by the client organization.

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