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North America’s Leading Supplier Auditing Company

We support our clients as an independent audit partner, enabling efficient supplier performance reviews.

With the best in industry resources, strategically located throughout the US, Canada and Mexico, we provide competitive prices and even more importantly – great values like…

Supplier Auditing & Inspections
Our certified auditors conduct verification of your suppliers based on efficient operations, which in turn keeps supply chain cost down.

  • Personalized client support.
  • Personalized audit partner.
  • Utilizing today’s innovative technology software.
  • Efficient supplier performance reviews.
  • Best in industry resources through the US, Canada & Mexico.
  • Competitive prices and great value.

Independent Auditing 

Today’s supply chains are constantly evolving incorporating new technologies and monitoring techniques. Companies that utilize The Kent Group auditing approach will mitigate risk and ensure sustainable processes.

  • Fast and reliable supply chain audits.
  • Factory audits & industrial hygiene audits.
  • Quality control & assurance inspections.

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Supplier Audits & Inspections

Our certified auditors conduct verification of your supplier based on efficient operations, which in turn keeps supply chain cost down.

At KGA In-process and pre-shipment inspections are always conducted to pinpoint defects. At KGA we service to many industries

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Advanced Supply Chain Inspection Technology & Data Cleansing

At the KENT GROUP, we conduct in-depth supply chain workflow and audit data analyses on your supplier base using advanced statistical audit methods.

Sophisticated audit programs provide the basis for a more effective supply chain analysis and improvement which leads to performance improvement as outcome.

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Localized Nationwide Leading Auditors

All KGA Lead auditors and inspectors are experts in their field with many years of experience and knowledge in auditing:

Quality & Environmental Management systems, Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management, Resilience, Security, Preparedness & Continuity (RSPC) Management, Social Responsibility and Transportation.

Industrial Hygiene Audits

Our certified industrial hygienists use environmental monitoring and analytical methods to detect the extent of worker exposure and employ engineering, work practice controls, and other proven methods to control potential health hazards.

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Auditing Goals

At The Kent Group Associates, Inc. we have a singular mission, improving our client.

Compliance Audit Management with the Least Amount of Disruption to Your business is important to create the needed impact in your bottom line.

3rd Party - Auditing Goals

Process Audits

The process audit serves to verify quality capability and examine to what extent the process, procedures, and influencing variables are known and controlled.

3rd party - Procress Audit

Performance Audits

Performance audits help to verify manufacturing processes, which guarantees, that the quality capability of processes is assessed.

It is examined to what extent the decisive process parameters, procedures and influencing variables of supplier processes are known and controlled.

The process audit, therefore, serves to systematically identify key process parameters required to control the process quality of your suppliers.

3rd party - Performance Audit