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Kraft-Heinz Case Study


The Kent Group Associates, Inc. (KGA) provides supply chain auditing & inspections to industries like major food production companies, providing quality control & assurance inspections inclusive supplier data cleansing services with the least amount of disruption to a clients’ operations. This case study describes an inspection and audit program within the Food Production Industry.


The client organization KGA worked with is a globally trusted producer of food and a household name around the world. This client was trying to get a handle on not only their suppliers information and update their own list of supplier contacts, but also now requiring their suppliers to complete a packaging audit. One of the issues presented with this program was the push-back from suppliers as they were also required to pay for the mandatory audit. KGA was able to bend with suppliers and schedule our assessors to be the closest to each facility which moved the program along rather quickly.

Another major issue we were faced with was the supplier contact list was basically nonexistent. There were names of facilities, some who have closed down, who haven’t supplied to the client for years and some who were unwilling to give out the contact of their quality manager. Phone numbers were disconnected, emails were undeliverable and it seemed we were given an almost impossible task.


With a team committed to the success of this project, we were able to connect with the quality managers of current suppliers and get contracts signed. Once these contracts were signed, we were able to schedule our highly skilled assessors for an audit at their facility.

What the client really appreciated, was that KGA was able to quickly provide a complete nationwide network of auditors which quickly became available to start the audits immediately started to inspect and audit the services centers all over the country making sure to observe how many appliances the suppliers were servicing and that these mobile stores were fixing the electronics companies phones correctly.

FOR MORE INFORMATION – THE KENT GROUP Associates, Inc., (KGA) is a New Jersey-based Auditing Service firm providing fast and reliable supply chain audits with the least amount of disruption to your business. The one Goal – To help our clients achieve excellent performance for their Supply Chains, inclusive IT data cleansing with the latest “state of the art” audit analysis tools to help reduce the amount of disruption to any business.


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