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Hospitality Audit


The Kent Group Associates, Inc. (KGA) provides supply chain auditing & inspections to industries like hospitality, social responsibility audits, safety audits & inspections, factory audits and quality control & assurance inspections inclusive supplier data cleansing services with the least amount of disruption to our clients’ operations. This case study describes a Hospitality audit program.


The client was a European Travel Agency who offers hotel Excursion and transportation packages in the U.S.A to European customers. The client had two main significant challenges for this project. At first, although the client did work with U.S. locations for years, they did not have the correct contact information of all their U.S. locations where they send customers to and therefore, they needed very strong data cleansing before the assessments and audits could be executed.

The second challenge for them was that as Europe based Travel Agency, they did not fully understand the different rules and regulations of the hospitality industry in the United States in terms of health and safety, water consumption, food, pool management, permits, restaurant regulations, etc. of all their U.S. hospitality locations, plus they did not have a nationwide network of qualified auditors on staff, especially qualified in building safety with additional food safety background to conduct the audits at the U.S. locations.


The Kent Group Associates Inc. helped the client before audit start to overcome these challenges by conducting a 100% nationwide location search and IT data cleansing campaign for all their U.S. locations. KGA updated and educated the client also on the U.S. regulations for the hospitality markets in the U.S. and organized our “best of the best” certified auditors and assessors for the hospitality industry to conduct the audits at location for this project.

What the client really liked, was that KGA could provide them not only all current location data and contacts, but another big reason what made them recommend our services to other businesses was that with all the “polished” U.S. client location data, we enabled them for the first time to really see which of their U.S. locations were complying to what they’re looking for and also to see with whom they currently still working with at that time. As the client did not have a great technology approach or portal for data management of their U.S. locations in place, they had now a fully operational analytical data gathering tool in place, which enabled them as additional capability to analyze and improve their U.S. operations were needed. This capability enhancement has been received as great value to the client.

FOR MORE INFORMATION – THE KENT GROUP Associates, Inc., (KGA) is a New Jersey-based Auditing Service firm providing fast and reliable supply chain audits with the least amount of disruption to your business. The one Goal – To help our clients achieve excellent performance for their Supply Chains, inclusive IT data cleansing with the latest “state of the art” audit analysis tools to help reduce the amount of disruption to any business.

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