The Kent Group Associates, Inc., (KGA), provides permanent staffing solutions and contractor recruitment and management services to its clients to meet the rapidly changing requirements of today's business world. Given this dual capability, KGA is uniquely positioned to meet the recruiting needs of organizations of any size regardless of whether the employee will be a permanent hire, employed on a project basis, or utilized part time. KGA is equipped to meet its clients' needs in many technical functions, including Information Technology, eCommerce, Operations, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Quality, and Professional Certification and Audit Services.


The Kent Group Associates, Inc. was formed in 1990 and was initially focused on providing Information Technology permanent placement services to commercial enterprises and federal government agencies at the individual contributor, Project Manager, Director, and Vice President levels.

Many years ago, KGA recognized that Information Technology projects required technical expertise that differed from project to project and changed considerably over time with emerging technologies and advancements. To remain competitive in the global marketplace, companies required immediate access to individuals with specialized skill sets who could contribute at full productivity levels without normal training and professional development programs. This critical business need led to the development of an outsourced, project based workforce methodology and KGA has been providing this service successfully for over ten years.


The outsourcing of managed technically skilled staff supports operational budgets by making technology implementations in data processing, eCommerce and computer systems variable costs that can be retained or terminated at the end of a project. There is a similar outsourcing need for professionals in other functional areas, such as professional certification and inspection services, who can be deployed for projects that may be seasonal or only require part time service. KGA's system of providing the most skilled workers in the shortest period of time reduces overhead and minimizes downtime for the client and can include the following customized services:

  • Presentation of candidates within one week's time.
  • Relationship management of outsourced workforce.
  • Complete invoicing and payroll services.
  • Time and expense reporting and control.
  • Optimization of client/contractor geographic match.
  • Customized management reporting on daily or weekly basis.
  • Real time reporting possible, depending on scope of service.
  • Attractive price point and unparalleled customer service.